To: Corps Director

From: Bruce Brown
Contest Director
W (513) 243-3208 / H (513) 858-2733
Cell (513) 702-7315

Date: May 2013

Subject: Fairfield Stadium - On-Site Logistics

We are looking forward to seeing you in Fairfield, Ohio for the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES in Cincinnati on Wednesday, June 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The enclosed information is intended to clearly communicate the logistics at Fairfield Stadium on the night of the show. Your corps housing information will be detailed in a separate document. Please let us know of any changes to your itinerary so we can better accommodate your needs.
This is the fourteenth year we have hosted the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES in Cincinnati at the Fairfield Stadium. Although we have used over 25 years of experience to develop the following instructions, we understand we may have missed something. With your help and cooperation, we will make it through the evening without any major problems. We ask that you read the enclosed material closely and follow the instructions of the parking attendants and corps chaperones once you get on site. Thank you for your cooperation. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

From the North or South (I-75)
1) Take exit #16 off I-75 to I-275 west.
2) Go west on I-275 to exit #41.
3) Go north 4 miles on Route 4 (Dixie Highway).
4) Turn right at Donald Drive (just past the stadium, visible from Rt 4). The corps parking lot will be on your right.

A chaperone has been assigned to your corps to help you throughout the evening. Each chaperone will be able to communicate, via walkie-talkie, with the entire volunteer staff and will be able to resolve any issues that arise. Your chaperone will meet you on Donald Drive as you arrive.

CORPS PARKING: (Reference enclosed map)
Corps parking can be accessed off of Donald Drive. Your equipment trucks, kitchens and busses will be parked in the school bus compound on the east side of the Intermediate School. We intend to park all of your vehicles as close together as possible. Again, it is very important to follow the directions of your host and parking attendants. RESTROOMS are available in the Intermediate School. There are no shower facilities available in the Intermediate School!

Warm-up space for brass and percussion (and pit) will be in the bus compound and a small grassy area on the east side of the Intermediate School. This is to ensure the sound does not reach the stadium. Additional space is available across the street north of Donald Drive. Color Guard will warm-up in grassy areas to the east of the bus compound. We appreciate your cooperation in staying in the assigned areas.

CORPS ENTRANCE: (reference red arrows on the enclosed map)
Corps will walk from the Intermediate School to the Stadium via Donald Dr. You will enter the Stadium from the south and exit to the north. NOTE: For your safety, spectator vehicle traffic will not be allowed on Donald Dr.

The top row of seats in Section C between the aisle and the Press Box are reserved for corps staff members to watch your corps' performance.

We will be hosting a Hospitality Tent at the North Side of the Fairfield Stadium field. Each participating Corps will be provided 5 complimentary tickets. A light meal will be provided and access to local personalities, city officials, and Event Staff will be possible. Each Corps Director is free to determine who (Corps Members and/or Staff) may attend. The Hospitality Tent will open at 5:30 PM and stay open until 9:30 PM.

Bottled water will be provided before and after your performance at a station located on the north end of the stadium.

EMTs will be stationed on the north end of the field where corps exit the stadium.

SOUVENIR TRAILER/TRUCK PARKING: (reference map enclosed)
Your souvenir trailer/truck will be parked on the north side of the stadium. You will be allowed to position your trailer/truck starting at 12:00 noon. Tow vehicles should be removed and parked with the other corps vehicles. Someone will be on-site to help you position your trailer/truck when you arrive. Unfortunately, electricity is not available and you will have to use your generators. We will provide one generator that will be located on the north side of the Maintenance Building.

12:00 (noon) Souvenir trailer placement on north end of stadium

3:00 pm Gates open for Clinic
3:30 pm Full Corps Clinic presented by Bluecoats
5:00 pm Clinic Concludes
5:30 pm Gates open for Evening Competition

7:00 pm Welcome & Announcements
7:05 pm National Anthem (Performed by FHS Marching Band)
7:15 pm Cincinnati Tradition
7:32 pm Corps #2
7:49 pm Corps #3
8:06 pm Corps #4
8:23 pm 20 minute Intermission
8:43 pm Corps #5
9:00 pm Corps $6
9:17 pm Corps #7
9:34 pm Corps #8
10:00 pm Awards and Corps Brass Finale